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Behavior Training, Education

Living with animals can be one of life’s most joyful and rewarding experiences. It can also be curious, amusing, sometimes challenging, and sometimes daunting!


Have you ever wondered why the dog is doing this?
Why is the cat doing that?
Why don’t my animals live in harmony?
And more importantly, what can you do about it?

For some pet owners, even the basics are a mystery: what about food, bedding, toys, enrichment, play, behavioral concerns, training… the list can go on! Once you dive into the wealth of information on animals, you may find your curiosity is just beginning.


We’d like to help you answer questions about your pet, and we might just be able to help you resolve an issue that will keep your pet at home, with you.

PAWS is proud to advocate a positive method of motivation and reinforcement when handling animals. The links on this page are offered by PAWS to provide you with information and reliable, reputable resources on a variety of educational topics for pets. So dive on in, get started, and enjoy!

dog with trainer

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