Columbus Animal Care & Control Going into 2020 like…

Euthanasia, the word conjures up mixed emotions. From sadness, discouragement to anger, it is word and a topic that is mired and mirrored with controversy.
While no one likes to talk about it, within animal control and shelters, sadly, it is a reality.

At our own Columbus Animal Control, numbers from 2012 were over 840, today, we march into 2020 celebrating one year of no-euthanasia of animals due to lack of space.

This has been become a reality and made possible with the partnership and help of Paws Humane Society, Animal Ark, Animal SOS, Volunteers, Rescues and other organizations.

From the Paws perspective, programs are vital to the success of Columbus Animal Control.

Our Community Cats program prevents unwanted litters of cats, through Trap Neuter Release (TNR), helping shelters and rescues, as well as, animals and pet owners.

In the south we are unique as we have too many animals available, in the north, not enough. Our Paws Transportation Program works with organizations, including Animal SOS, and others to assist in the transportation and placement of animals that might otherwise face euthanasia due to overcrowding. Animals travel to many places, including Hope Rescue in Pennsylvania and the North Shore Animal League in New York.

Foster parents also play a big role. Whether pets stay is days, weeks or months; while others may find new homes immediately, fostering offers a temporary solution assisting in the overall solution. This year alone, Paws ended 2019 with a total of 765 animals receiving foster care.

Lastly, Volunteers are the core of any humane organization or rescue group. Paws Volunteers logged more than 69,000 In volunteer hours.

No matter the name of your organization, or where you are located, it is important to work together because, at the end of the day, we’re all working toward the same mission: to save animals. And every animal should have the same chance to succeed.

If you are interested in helping our community reach year two, you can learn more about the Paws programs, including volunteering, fostering or owning your own fur-ever friend at www.pawshumane.org.