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Tricia Montgomery

The “Noise Monsters” and things that go “boom” don’t stop after New Year’s Eve.

Sure, fireworks can be scary for dogs—but fear may not end there. If owners noticed their dogs overreacting to fireworks on New Year’s Eve, their dogs may also be afraid of other everyday sounds inside and outside of the home.

Two out of three dogs show signs of fear and anxiety associated with noise, which cause unneeded distress and suffering. Their symptoms can progress if left untreated and can have a negative impact on the human-animal bond.

However, pet owners often don’t see noise aversion as a serious medical condition or may not recognize everyday noise triggers the same way they recognize fireworks. As more of us are spending time at home, you may have noticed behaviors in your best friends that you may have not have recognized before—like fear of everyday “noise monsters”, including the vacuum cleaner, around the home

It is important to understand that many sounds can trigger noise aversion and can uncover needless suffering and allows you to start treatment early and relieve their distress year-round.

If you find your dog may be exhibiting behaviors of fear and anxiety, don’t let the noise monsters prohibit your dog from leading a long and healthy life, consider seeking advice from your team of Veterinarians at Paws Humane Society.