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Pawsitive New Year Resolutions for Your Pet

Each New Year, many of us set goals for ourselves, not realizing that our pets can also benefit from a resolution from you as well! Paws Humane Society would like to ring in the New Year and 2021 by providing tips on how to set reasonable health and wellness improvement goals for pets.

Paws Humane Society recommends the following resolutions for your pet:

Remember to Exercise Regularly: You and your best friend need 30 to 60 minutes of exercise daily. Take your dog on regular walks and runs through the park or on the beach. Bring along water, toys and leashes for you both to enjoy. For indoor cats, ensure there are plenty of safe and engaging toys that will encourage play to give them exercise, too.

Maintain a Healthy Diet: A healthy diet is key to your pets’ fitness and happiness. Like humans, pets cannot out-exercise a poor diet. Give pet’s high-quality pet food and avoid giving them table food. Be mindful of the number of snacks and treats they consume. Though treats might make them happy, they can cause unnecessary weight gain.

See the Veterinarian: Regular vet checkups help prevent and manage illness, disease and the overall health of your pet. Make sure your pet remains up-to-date on shots.

Update Your Pets’ Tags: Make sure your pets have updated information on their tags. The information on these tags is critical for reuniting pets and their owners, should they become separated from you. Make sure the tag includes your name and phone number at the least.

Get Groomed: In addition to making your pet feel clean, comfortable and happy, grooming helps prevent skin diseases. Take your pet to a professional groomer or learn how to groom at home.

Lifelong Learning: Mental exercise is just as important as physical. Teaching an old dog a new trick helps enhance motor and listening skills, and improves obedience. Plus, teaching new tricks is a great way to relieve stress for yourself and is great bonding time between you and your pet.

Remain Patient and Pawsitive: With all the changes that occurred this past year, your pet may still be adjusting to an altered lifestyle. Your pets may still be getting used to you being home more or missing old playmates from the park that they have not seen in a while. This may affect their behavior. Remain positive when striving to achieve these New Year’s goals.

New Year’s resolutions are a great time for a fresh start for everyone, and, given 2020, and the year we have had, including your pet in your resolutions is not only fun, but also a great opportunity for a fresh start.