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Why Should I Take My Cat to the Vet?

Regardless of your cat’s lifestyle, routine veterinary care is an important step in keeping her healthy and extending her life. Routine visits give the veterinarian a chance to perform a complete physical exam. This exam provides a picture of the general health of...

K9 Influenza Reference Guide

Important Information about Canine Influenza or Dog Flu for Pet Owners Many pet owners have contacted us about Canine Influenza, so we have created this quick reference guide to help answer many of your questions. What is Canine Influenza? Canine Influenza Virus...

Why Spay/Neuter?

What is spaying and neutering? Spaying is the surgical removal of a female animal’s reproductive organs so she cannot become pregnant. A neuter is the surgical removal of a male animal’s testicles so that he cannot impregnate a female. The surgeries are performed by a...

Dr-Robby-Wrighten with cat
Dr. Krystal White, Paws Humane’s Chief of Veterinary Medicine, and ‘Wish Bone’

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