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Sponsorship Opportunities

Create goodwill with customers and help the animals. Supporting our sponsorship program will give you a wonderful feeling, knowing you are helping animals in need while we help bring more awareness to you, as well. We have many opportunities for sponsorships, including special events, foster program, naming opportunities, and many others.

Become a Corporate Champion

Corporate sponsorship presents an opportunity to touch the hearts and lives of animal lovers while creating a positive impact on your corporate brand.
Creating a partnership with Paws Humane Society has many benefits for businesses in the Chattahoochee Valley.


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Event Sponsorships

Event sponsorships are available at many levels, depending on the type of event, the degree of sponsor participation and benefits to the sponsor.

  • Barks & Blues Festival
  • Blessing of the Animals
  • Santa Paws Photos
  • Annual Top Tails Society Donor Thank You Reception

Animal Program Sponsorships

Constant Companions Kennel Sponsorship
If your team at the office wants to “watch over” the canine and feline residents in a way that hovers above the rest, then please become one of Paws Constant Companions.

The Constant Companions program funds the care for approximately 30 cats or dogs in a sponsored dog kennel or cat lounge for one year. During your year as a Constant Companion, you’ll be helping a number of pets as they await a permanent home.

Your status will be recognized with a plaque on your sponsored room with your business/logo as that pet’s companion. Everyone who visits the shelter will be reminded of your company’s generosity. Your company will also receive a certificate of recognition that you can display at your own business.

Become a Constant Companion to the dogs and cats at Paws Humane.
Annual sponsorship is:

  • Small Puppy Kennel  – $100
  • Large Dog Kennel  – $250
  • Large Cat Lounge  – $500

Click here to apply for Constant Companion Sponsorship. Please email fillable PDF to donations@pawshumane.org.

Along with these sponsorship opportunities, you can also sponsor a program. The different programs we have available are:

Paws Humane offers fee-waived or reduced cost adoptions when we have more animals than we have the resources to care for. Paws Humane uses themed marketing campaigns to promote adoptions throughout the year, including Black Friday, hard to adopt animals, and senior animals. Sponsorship of these promotions provides a subsidy for adopters and makes adopting easier.

Spay it Forward
Paws Humane provides affordable spay/neuter surgeries on our campus. This program is a very important part of our dedication and ongoing effort to decrease the number of unwanted animals born in the Chattahoochee Valley, and decrease the number of homeless animals in our community. Click here to find more information on Spay it Forward.

Community Cat Program
The Community Cat Program is the humane, effective way to reduce the number of cats living in our neighborhoods. The program provides humane trapping of community cats, spay/neuter surgery, vaccination, ear-tipping and the return of the cats to their communities. Click here to find more information on the Community Cat Program.

Pets for Life
Pets for Life builds humane communities using innovative strategies and fresh approaches designed to extend the reach of animal services, resources, and information to underserved areas. Addressing the critical need for accessible, affordable pet care, our program helps animals by empowering the people who care for them. Click here to find more information on Pets for Life.

Vehicle Sponsorships
Sponsor a Paws vehicle and get great exposure for your business! With your donation, your company name and logo will be included on a “vehicle wrap”. Our vehicles drive all around the Chattahoochee Valley!

In-Kind Donations
Paws accepts and appreciates all types of business in-kind donations, including merchandise, services, and gift certificates.

Thank you to our partners!

Paws is a proud recipient of funding from Maddie's  Fund®, helping to achieve a no-kill nation #ThanksToMaddie.