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Sponsorship Opportunities

Discover Tailored Sponsorship Opportunities to Match Your Passion at Paws Humane Society.

Sponsor A Pet | $250

  • Business logo on our Community Partners page.
  • Business logo on the kennel card for the sponsored animal.
  • Business logo and name on all social media posts and e-blasts related to the animal.
  • A personal onsite visit to your business with the sponsored animal for a meet and greet and photo and video opportunities.

For more information, email

Empower a pet’s journey to a forever home by sponsoring its stay at Paws Humane. Your support not only covers the necessary care but also enhances adoption opportunities with reduced fees. Plus, enjoy increased business exposure to our vast community of supporters. Make a lasting impact today!

Become a Corporate Champion

Forge meaningful connections with animal lovers, elevate your brand; partner with Paws Humane Society as a Corporate Champion.

Bronze Sponsor


Inclusion Includes:

  • Website
  • 1 Newsletter
  • 1 Facebook Mention


Silver Sponsor


Inclusion Includes:

  • Website
  • 2 Newsletters
  • Quarterly Facebook Mentions

Gold Sponsor


Inclusion Includes:

  • Website
  • All Newsletters
  • Monthly Pupdate Emails
  • Monthly Facebook Mentions

Corporate Champion Sponsorship Areas:

For information on how you can become a Corporate Champion, contact our Development Team at

Constant Companion Sponsorship

At the heart of our mission lie our dedicated sponsors.

Become a Constant Companion!

Puppy Room

Annual Sponsorship


Dog Room

Annual Sponsorship


Dog Runs (7 Kennels)

Annual Sponsorship


Cat Room

Annual Sponsorship


Elevate your impact on the lives of our furry friends by joining Paws Humane Society’s exclusive Constant Companions program. As a Constant Companion, you’ll soar above the ordinary in your commitment to the well-being of our canine and feline residents.

This unique program provides vital funding for the year-round care of hundreds of cats and dogs, offering you the opportunity to sponsor a dedicated room for an entire year. Throughout this period, you’ll play a crucial role in supporting these pets as they await their forever homes.

In appreciation of your compassionate contribution, your name or business logo will be prominently displayed on a plaque in the sponsored room, marking your status as a dedicated Constant Companion. This recognition not only highlights you or your company’s generosity but serves as a lasting reminder for all shelter visitors. At the end of the sponsorship, you get to keep your plaque or have the option to renew your Constant Companion status.

For more details on how you can make a lasting impact and become a Constant Companion, please reach out to our development team at Join us in making a difference in the lives of these animals, and let your legacy of kindness shine through.