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Foster Care

The best gift you can give is a loving, temporary home!

Fostering Matters

We sincerely appreciate your thoughtful consideration of extending your compassion and hospitality to one of our cherished pets. Your benevolence serves as a gateway for these animals to experience growth and recovery, paving the way for them to eventually find their permanent, loving homes.

The Foster Program at Paws Humane Society has been instrumental in affording thousands of animals a renewed opportunity for a fulfilling life. This pivotal initiative plays a crucial role in facilitating the successful adoption of over 1,000 animals each year. Engaging in fostering is an exceptionally gratifying endeavor that leaves an indelible mark, not only on the lives of these animals but also on those who participate. Your involvement in this program directly transforms the lives of these animals in a profoundly impactful manner.

Why Choose to Foster with Paws Humane Society?

Fostering animals with Paws Humane provides invaluable support in various ways:

  1. Increased Lifesaving Capacity: By placing our animals in foster care, we enhance our shelter’s capacity to save more lives.
  2. Reduced Shelter Stay Duration: Fostering helps minimize the time animals spend in our shelter, creating a more comfortable and less stressful environment.
  3. Enhanced Adoption Success: Animals in foster care receive personalized attention and care, improving their readiness to become cherished family members and increasing the likelihood of successful adoptions.

New to Fostering? No Problem!

Whether you’re a seasoned foster parent or a first-timer, our dedicated Foster Care Team is here to guide you every step of the way. They offer comprehensive information and support, ensuring you become a confident and effective foster parent. Resources and tips for caring for your foster pet are readily available on our website.

Fostering Opportunities at Paws Humane Society: Who Benefits?

At Paws Humane Society, our commitment to providing exceptional, temporary homes for all our homeless pets is paramount. Explore the various fostering opportunities available:

Puppies & Kittens: Puppies and kittens, awaiting their forever homes, require foster care until they receive at least two rounds of vaccinations and reach the appropriate weight for spaying or neutering. Typically, fostering a puppy involves a two-week commitment, while kittens may require a four-week commitment.

Medical Needs: Adult dogs and cats with medical requirements find solace in foster homes. Foster parents need not possess vet clinic experience, as all medical procedures are expertly handled by Paws Humane Veterinarians at no cost to foster parents. Responsibilities may include administering oral medication, providing regular medicated baths, ensuring a broken bone heals through rest, monitoring sutures for signs of infection, and facilitating transportation to and from vet appointments.

Behavioral Needs: Adult dogs and cats with behavioral needs thrive in foster care, where they can make significant strides. While many homeless pets quickly recover in the shelter setting, some benefit from a quiet home environment to regain confidence and rediscover the joys of being a cherished pet. Behavioral fosters contribute anything from a warm lap for rest to top-level training. Our goal is to align your foster pet with your unique set of skills.

For those considering fostering as a rewarding endeavor, we welcome your willingness to make a difference in the lives of these animals. Your support creates a positive impact, providing crucial care and rehabilitation for our shelter pets. Join us in this mission by exploring the fostering opportunities that best align with your capabilities and preferences.

Ready to Become a Foster Parent?

  1. Complete the Online Application: Begin the process by filling out our online foster application (below).
  2. Approval and Home Inspection: Once your application is approved, a member of our Foster Care Team will reach out to schedule a home inspection, mandated by the GA Department of Agriculture.
  3. Ready to Foster: After a successful home inspection, you’ll be prepared to foster a shelter pet in need. Our Foster Care Team will contact you when a suitable foster pet is available.

For any inquiries regarding our Foster Program, feel free to contact our Director of Foster Care at

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Your commitment to fostering makes a significant impact on the lives of shelter animals, and we appreciate your dedication to our mission.

Become a Foster Hero today.

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