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Adoption FAQs

Read through our FAQs to learn more about our adoption process.

What happens during an adoption counseling session?

During a counseling session, a Paws Humane staff member or volunteer will review with you everything we know about the animal including any and all medical and behavioral information on record. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions! We’ll talk about considerations to have when welcoming your newest family member into your home and other species-specific topics.

How do I apply to adopt an animal?

It’s simple! Visit our adoptable section of our website. Click on the photo of the animal you are interested in and then tap the ‘Apply for Adoption’ button. Once you have completed the application, it is sent directly to adoption staff. If you are onsite, we will begin the adoption counseling session. If you have applied offsite, a staff member will call or email you to discuss the adoption process with you.

Do you require dog introductions with resident dogs prior to adoption?

Paws Humane does not require dog introductions for every dog. We do reserve the right to require one for any dogs known to be dog reactive. If you would like one to be conducted between your resident dog and the dog you are interested in adopting, please make this known at the time you submit your application.

Do you require cat introductions with dogs?

Paws Humane does not perform dog-cat introductions. If you have a resident cat and are interested in adopting a dog, our staff will aid you in finding the most appropriate match based on known history of the dog and cat.

Do you offer same-day adoptions?

Offering same-day adoption is key to assisting as many animals in need as possible. To ensure the best outcome for an animal and family, our adoption counselors learn about your household and lifestyle. Of course, not everyone is ready to adopt on their first visit and that’s okay. Our adoptions staff is happy to work closely with you on as many visits as it takes to find the right fit for your family. There are also times when a particular animal isn’t ready to go home, but your adoption counselor will explain these cases with you before the adoption process is complete.

What does the adoption fee cover?

Our adoption fee includes age-appropriate vaccines, microchiping, spay/neuter surgery, and heartworm testing for dogs. All of our animals are kept up-to-date on flea/heartworm control during their stay with us.

If our adoption doesn't work out, can I return the animal for a refund?

Paws Humane will take our animal back if you decide it isn’t a good fit for your family. However, all adoption fees are considered a donation to the shelter and is non-refundable.

Can I still adopt if I returned or surrendered an animal in the past?

This decision is made on a case by case basis. We understand that life circumstances sometimes leave you with no other option and that not every animal is a perfect fit for your family. Our adoption counselors will work with each individual to find the best possible outcome for our clients and our animals.

Do you offer out-of-state adoptions?

Yes. We welcome adopters from everywhere! However, we are not staffed for transporting the animal to you. If you are adopting from out-of-state, you must arrange pick-up for that animal.

Do you do trial adoptions or foster to adopt?

No. The state of Georgia requires all fosters to have a home visit prior to leaving with the animal. Due to these constraints, we are not staffed to accommodate the number of home visits this would require

Can we hold animals?

Deposit Hold

Paws Humane Society allows potential, approved adopters to place a non-refundable $25 ‘Deposit Hold’ on a particular pet. This Deposit Hold allows the potential adopter to have the first option to adopt when that pet is made available for adoption. Potential adopters are allowed only two deposit holds at a time per household with a max of two deposit holds per year.

If the potential adopter fails to come in by 10:00 am the next business day from the date of availability , the deposit is forfeited.

If there is primary hold on an animal, a potential adopter may place a second hold on the animal and place a non-refundable $10 ‘Deposit Hold’ on a particular pet. This Deposit Hold allows the potential adopter to have the second option to adopt if the primary applicant declines or forfeits their deposit. The secondary adopter will be notified should the primary applicant take the animal.

If the primary and secondary deposit holders do not come in to adopt the pet on the first day they are available for adoption, they will forfeit their deposits and the pet will be made available for adoption on a first come, first serve basis.

Hold feeds are not refundable and are not transferable to adoption fees. 

What if I want to adopt an animal before spay/neuter surgery?

Many people are surprised to learn that millions of healthy, adoptable animals are euthanized in the U.S. annually. Spaying or neutering is the only 100% effective birth control for pets. Paws Humane does not adopt any animal prior to the spay/neuter surgery to ensure that we do not contribute to more homeless pets.