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Volunteer with Paws Humane to help save a life.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Paws Humane Society volunteer. Volunteers are vital to the work we do and we truly appreciate those who are able to donate their time to help the homeless pets of the Chattahoochee Valley. We believe in utilizing skilled volunteers with a passion for giving back to our community. In return, you will experience the reward of seeing lives saved on a daily basis. You will watch as families become complete and our community moves forward in becoming one of the leaders in our nation’s No Kill Movement.

If you need to fulfill court-ordered or preemptive community service as recommended by legal counsel please CLICK HERE.

Our volunteers contribute to our mission in BIG ways!

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Flexible Volunteer Opportunities

Our flexible volunteer opportunities allow oriented and trained volunteers to work in the shelter on their own time. No prior scheduling is needed, but an initial focused training session may be required before working in these areas. These include tasks that need to be performed within the shelter on a daily basis. You will find some task examples and their descriptions below:


Dog walkers ensure our animals get outside for daily exercise which helps to decrease anxiety. Beautiful wooded trails are on-site for relaxing walks.


Volunteer dog trainers work with our dogs, teaching them basic manners (sit, stay, come, and leash manners) which helps them become better behaved and more adoptable to potential families.


Our staff organizes daily playgroups for our dogs, but they need volunteers to monitor and help prevent any play-yard mishaps. Volunteers can assist in dog introductions and help monitor safe play.


A well-socialized animal is happy, which makes them more approachable and makes the transition into a new home much easier for the adopter and pet. Let an animal fall asleep in your lap and soak up some of the love these shelter pets have to offer!


We need volunteers that are eager to discover the beautiful surprise so often found beneath the coat of a dirty, matted, overgrown, neglected dog. Volunteers willing to wash, dry, puff, and fluff are needed each week.


We need volunteers to help with animal enrichment such as preparing peanut butter KONGS or frozen treats for daily dispersal, providing treat puzzles and toys for bored animals, taking over-active dogs to the play-yard for a game of fetch, or sprinkling a little catnip here and there.

You can make a difference!

Groups, Kids & Teens

At Paws Humane, we try and offer special volunteer opportunities for groups, children and young adults — to help serve homeless pets as well as their community. Check out some of our volunteer programs designed for groups, families, kids and teens!

Volunteer For An Offsite Event

Fun, exciting and making a difference at the same time! We’re always looking for energetic volunteers to help at our offsite events such as: an adoption event at Omaha Brewing, Chattabrewchee Southern Brewhouse, PetSmart or participate in our annual Barks & Blues Music Festival!


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