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Pet Rehoming

Helping pets find homes.

We understand making the decision to surrender your pet is difficult and we are here to offer guidance and support.

Our goal is to help you resolve the problems you are experiencing so that you can keep your pet, but we also understand that some problems are out of your control and may require you to rehome your pet. We will walk you through the process to help try and set your pet up for success as you navigate these difficult times.

We urge you to consider every alternative to relinquishment and to fully utilize the resources we offer before surrendering your pet to a shelter. Due to crisis capacity at our shelter, surrender appointments are currently being booked up to 4-6 weeks out from the date of request.


If you are in need of housing resources for you and your pet, CLICK HERE to contact the Neighborhood Pet Support Coordinator or call 706-987-0009. Neighborhood Pet Support has great resources to help you keep your pet including housing options, renter’s insurance information, and much more.


The Spay it Forward program at Paws Humane helps pet owners who otherwise couldn’t afford to provide veterinary care for their companion animals. It allows qualifying individuals to get their pet spayed/neutered and wellness services (vaccines, microchip, heartworm preventative) at a discounted price.  To see if you qualify, please email your Spay it Forward application to or call 706-987-8380.


We are dedicated to supporting families, individuals, and pets within our community as they navigate the emotional journey of transitioning pet ownership between homes.

Understanding the challenges that can arise, we’ve created a special service designed to alleviate the need for owners to surrender their pets, preventing them from entering the shelter system. This service is provided completely free of charge, as a testament to our commitment to the well-being of both pets and people.

If you’re seeking a way to ensure a secure and loving future for your pet, we invite you to consider listing them for adoption on our website. To get started, please follow the appropriate link below.

For more information or if you have additional questions, please call or text (706) 987-0009.


Paws Training Academy is an affordable resource we provide as a solution to help mitigate owner surrenders. Behavioral concerns don’t have to cause stress. We host group-training sessions and private lessons that help strengthen the bond between owners and their pets, ensuring both remain happy and healthy. CLICK HERE for more information.

Supportive Resources

Our Neighborhood Pet Support (NPS) program is designed to help you keep your pet instead of surrendering them to the shelter. Contact our NPS Coordinator to discuss your needs and challenges to help you keep your pet instead of surrendering them to the shelter.

Our NPS Coordinator can discuss the various programs and services we offer that may assist you in overcoming many of the challenges you may be facing with your companion.



If you have exhausted alternative resources to rehome your pet then surrendering your pet may be the next option to explore. While Paws Humane does everything we can to ensure animals in our care are comfortable, we care for over 3,000 animals each year.

An animal shelter is a stressful environment for any animal, but especially for owned pets. Our shelter cannot compare to the love and care a pet receives at home. We urge you to exhaust all other resources and alternatives before surrendering your pet to Paws Humane Society.


Paws Humane Society charges a surrender fee of $50 per animal, for all owner surrendered animals. This fee helps Paws Humane cover a small portion of the costs associated with caring for the pet. Paws Humane is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, collecting a fee allows our shelter to continue to support over 3,000 animals annually.


Due to crisis capacity at our shelter, surrender appointments are currently being booked up to 4-6 weeks out from the date of request.

Before we can consider your pet for placement into the Paws Humane Adoption Program, we must assess its behavior and adoptibility. Pets who need a new home are admitted when space is available. All owner surrenders are done by appointment only which must be scheduled by submitting information through one of the applicable links below:

Other Resources

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