Wellness Clinic

Maintaining the health and happiness of pets.

Paws Humane Society wants nothing more than to see all pets in the Chattahoochee Valley be happy and healthy. In an effort to make that happen, we offer many other services in our Clinic in addition to affordable spay/neuter. Walk-in wellness services are available Monday, Tuesday, and Friday from 9:30 – 11:00 a.m. Walk-in capacity is limited each day, we recommend arriving early to ensure your pet can be seen.

Flea, tick and heartworm medications are available to purchase for pets we have seen within the last year. Heartworm medications require a negative heartworm test. We offer the following preventative medicines: Simparica, Trifexis, Triheart, Revolution, and Bravecto.


  • Rabies – includes exam by the Veterinarian $42
  • DA2PP – Parvo/Distemper, dogs $17
  • Bordatella, kennel cough, dogs $17
  • FVRCP Panleukopenia, cats $17
  • FeLv Feline Leukemia, cats $25

Veterinary Testing

  • Heartworm test – includes exam $45
  • FeLV/FIV test, cats $25

Other services may be available. Please call the clinic at 706-987-8380 for more details. To schedule an appointment email vetclinic@pawshumane.org or call 706-987-8380.

Click Here to view Paws Humane’s Veterinary Clinic Services and Price List

Click Here to view Paws Humane’s Veterinary Clinic Services and Price List