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Adoption Programs

Learn more about the adoption programs we use to bring people closer to our adoptable animals!

Paws for Patriots

Pets for Patriots helps the United States military veterans adopt a new pet friend while giving the most overlooked shelter dogs and cats hope and a home. To promote the human-animal bond and reduce the chance of adopted animals being surrendered to shelters, Pets for Patriots provides veterans with various benefits to make pet guardianship more affordable over the life of the pet, including ‘welcome home’ contributions for pet food and other essentials, access to high-quality, discounted veterinary care, and discounts on a range of pet-related goods and services.

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Pets for the Elderly

The Pets for the Elderly Foundation (PFE) is a 501 (c)(3) public charity whose mission is to provide companionship to senior individuals through pet ownership, while saving the lives of companion animals in shelters. The Pets for the Elderly Foundation helps pay the fees to participating animal shelters throughout the United States for senior citizens (age 60 and over) who adopt a companion dog or cat from a participating shelter – including pre-adoption veterinary exams and spay/neuter, if part of the adoption fee. Research shows the most serious disease for older persons is not cancer or heart disease – it’s loneliness. Pets offer affection, unconditional love, fight loneliness, and can help ease the loss of a loved one.

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CorePaws and PAWS Humane are partnering to feature the hardest to adopt homeless animals on the CorePaws website. These animals tend to be overlooked, but not today – not by our standards. Every hard-to-place animal has the right family out there, and CorePaws mission is to help us find them. CorePaws is a 501c3 non-profit website with the mission to help shelters across the nation find loving homes for their harder-to-place animals.

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Barn and Business Cats

Paws Humane recognizes that not all cats want to be inside pets. Our Barn and Business Cat program helps place healthy cats in environments where they can flourish, working alongside humans to control rat and mice populations. These cats can be placed successfully in barns, construction companies, police stations, warehouses, and other businesses looking for inexpensive and effective rodent control. Our experience has shown that cats are more successful and effective when placed in pairs or groups, so multiple-cat adoptions are encouraged, but not required.

Adopting cats for this purpose offers a safe home and better life to cats who wouldn’t otherwise be candidates for adoption, including:

  • Cats who are inconsistent with using the litter box and would do well in an indoor/outdoor environment
  • Cats who react negatively to routine handling by people and would not do well as a house cat
  • Cats who fit this description are often most successful when adopted in groups of two or three

Adopters must agree to provide:

  • A warm, safe shelter like a barn or shop to keep the cat protected from the elements
  • Food and clean water every day
  • Future medical care if needed
  • A way to keep the cats contained for 2-3 weeks to acclimate to new surroundings
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