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Before Surgery

How old should my pet be when he or she is spayed/neutered?

We recommend having your pet fixed between 4-6 months old. Cats can go in to heat as early as 4 months and fixing early prevents accidental litters. Younger pets recover a lot faster post-operatively and have fewer complications. PAWS veterinarians are specially trained to perform pediatric surgeries between 8 weeks and 4 months of age, however with pets in this age range there is a higher risk of contracting infectious disease due to the lack of appropriate vaccinations.


What about my senior pet’s surgery?

Even when animals are older, the benefits of spaying and neutering almost always outweigh the risks of surgery. Vets should give pets more than five years old pre-surgical blood tests, to show how well their major organs are functioning. That will help keep them safe through anesthesia. Ask your veterinarian about blood work for your senior pet before scheduling your senior pets spay/neuter appointment.
When should I take away food and water before surgery?
It’s important to stop feeding your pet by midnight the night before surgery. You can offer water overnight but remove it in the morning. This will help to reduce the risk of vomiting under anesthesia.



To help prevent common diseases, we strongly recommend your pet be vaccinated at least one week prior to surgery with DAPPv (distemper/parvo- for dogs) or FVRCP (distemper/upper respiratory- for cats). While no vaccine is 100% effective, vaccination will lessen the chance of your pet contracting disease. We recommend puppies have at least two DAPPv, two to three weeks apart prior to surgery.

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