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Fundraising Tips for Children under 18

Join the Little PAWS / BIG Hearts Club!

The Little PAWS / BIG Hearts Club consists of all the kids and classrooms that raise donations for PAWS Humane, anyone can become a member! PAWS Humane is so fortunate to have individuals in the community so willing to support the shelter through fundraising. You can start today, any amount will make a difference to the animals living in the shelter. There are so many ways to raise money and donations, get creative and have fun! Don’t forget to get your friends and family involved, and contact us with any questions! Did you know $10 provides food and shelter for one animal, for one day? How many animals can you help? Become a member of the Little PAWS / BIG Hearts Club today!

Examples of Fundraising opportunities:

Pick a product to sell. The old standards such as gift wrap, spring bulbs, and chocolate bars provide people with products they can use, and a good percentage of the money can be put to your cause. Search the Internet or ask your adviser if he or she knows of any companies that will participate.

Host a car wash, dog wash, bottle drive, tag sale, or auction.

If you love dogs, consider starting a dog walking service in your neighborhood. Serve only trusted neighbors and work with a friend or family member.

Hold a raffle at school or in partnership with a local animal organization.

Ask a local store or a cosmetics company that does not test on animals to donate prizes.

Make an animal-lover’s quilt as the centerpiece of the raffle. Ask your friends to decorate each fabric square with an animal protection message. Ask a local crafts store if they’d like to donate fabric.

Organize a sports event, such as a walk or run for animals, or a student/faculty softball or basketball game. Have athletes find sponsors to give a certain amount of money per mile covered or points scored.

Hold a “Coins for Critters” or “Pennies for Pets” coin collection. Decorate collection canisters. Visit different classrooms to explain what you’re doing and ask students to donate spare change. You can also place canisters at local businesses to encourage community support.

Host a “Mardi Paw” bake sale. Ask friends and family to donate baked treats—for humans and canines. Sell them on Mardi Gras in February. Is February too far away? Consider hosting a “Barkery” – a bakery for dogs!

Throw a read-a-thon. Ask friends and family to donate money for each animal-related book a student reads. This would work well over summer break.

Sponsor an art contest with an animal theme. See if a local art gallery in your community will donate space for the event. Ask students and community artists to enter pieces of artwork at a certain dollar amount per entry. Ask the artists if they would be willing to sell their work and donate the money to your cause.

Go caroling during the holiday season with classmates, friends, family and/or club members. Have one person hold a sign that asks for tips/donations that will go to your cause.

Consider holding an event to raise awareness and funds by charging admission. (You may need to ask a teacher or club advisor to find out about special permission you might need for charging admission). Here are some ideas to get you started:

Throw a costume ball or “Howl-o-ween” party for the animals.
With a teacher or club advisor, put together a student-faculty talent show. You might be surprised by talents you didn’t know existed!

Host a “Puppypalooza” at school or with a local animal group. (Be sure you have proper permission.) Invite classmates and their families to bring their dogs. Award prizes for various categories such as “Best Trick” and “Owner-Dog Look-A-Like.” You may want to provide families with vegetarian food options and treats for dogs.

Tips for Fundraising

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